Congratulations to 2014 Nancy Larson Scholars!

Claire AnnesClaire Annes
Bradley University

“I think it is necessary for me to grant my students trust and respect as I expect the same from them. Having this mindset that students deserve trust and respect, no matter their age, is an ideal that will allow me to become an excellent teacher.”


Katie Cookkatie-cook-nlf
Kansas State University

“An excellent teacher believes in each of their students – this is one of the reasons I want to teach students with special needs. I want them to know that someone believes that they can succeed, that they are valued and created uniquely. I believe every person is wonderfully made and has their own set of talents and abilities.”


Joe CoutureJoseph Couture
University of Connecticut

“Having worked in such a variety of communities, I understand that I need to be sensitive to the needs of a multicultural classroom full of students with varying levels of ability. My commitment is to make my classroom a space where all students can succeed no matter their background.”


Matilda HallMatilda Hall
Wichita State University

“I discovered I was the happiest when my team and I were working with schools and students. I had an incredible amount of energy and love for the children we worked with, and found it difficult when the time came to say goodbye.”


Lucia HernandezLucia Hernandez
University of Texas Pan-American

“I want to have the power to help my students become successful teachers, engineers, attorneys or whatever it is they want to become.”


Jessica LeichterJessica Leichter
Kansas State University

“I want to create a learning community where there is mutual respect, honor and a desire to explore and learn. I want to give every student confidence in themselves and their abilities so they can take on the world around them. Not every student has the best home life, and I want my classroom to be a safe haven for all my students.”


Edith OvalleEdith Ovalle
University of Texas Pan-American

“Education is the key to success!” “My teacher was my role model, and she will always be in my heart. Her words made me realize that education was the only way I was going to be successful in life.”