Congratulations to 2016 Nancy Larson Scholars

Myriam Cortez
Texas A&M University – Commerce

“A large part of my accomplishments are owed to those teachers who supported me every step of the way in very difficult times and showed me they genuinely cared about me.”


Taylor EmanuelTaylor Emanuel
Seton Hall University

“I want to specifically teach special education because children with special needs very often feel the way my teacher made me feel when I first began school in this country.”


Lillian ReningerLillian Reninger
University of Utah

“I want to teach children because I believe they have so much to offer our world if they are only given the opportunity and the proper scaffolding to do so.”


Nailah Shah-TaylorNailah Shah-Taylor
SUNY College of Buffalo

“Knowing how I was influenced to such a great extent by a teacher, I was inspired to be an effective teacher who shows great patience for all different types of learners.”


Emily StolfusEmily Stolfus
Kansas State University

“I want to help children experience the beauty and joy of reading so they can be so caught up in a story that the rest of the world disappears.”